Been through the buying a car process?
Car insurance policy purchased?
Now it is time to hit the road and enjoy the sights and experiences of New Zealand.
Here is our guide to handy ‘extras’ you might like to consider purchasing to enhance your experience of travelling around New Zealand.


Oil is the life blood of your vehicle. It is used to lubricate all of the moving parts in your engine and will also help to keep your engine cool. You should check your oil regularly to maintain the levels and it can be very handy to have a container of oil in your car so you can quickly and easily top up your oil levels.

In general you will pay more at service or petrol stations for oil, and you could save money by purchasing oil from a specialist car shop (such as Repco or Super Cheap Auto) or a place like The Warehouse.

Maps or GPS

A crucial aspect of travelling anywhere is making sure you are on the right road to take you where you want to get to. If you have a smart phone you will be able to upload a number of apps to help with navigation, but keep in mind that especially as you get off the beaten track, you will not always have 3G access to update your location.

You can purchase comprehensive map books of the North and South island from book shops such as Whitcoulls or Paper Plus as well as service stations.

If you would prefer you could invest in a GPS system such as a TomTom. You can purchase TomToms and other GPS units at electronic shops such as Dick Smith Electronics, Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi.
A GPS system can help provide travel time estimates, real time traffic updates and customised points of interest.


Perfect for pulling over and checking out the fantastic scenery as you are driving around New Zealand. Also very handy to pop in to your day pack as you embark on any walks or cycles. Not just for bird spotting, binoculars are great for checking out surf at a beach and checking out the Southern Hemisphere stars at night. Binoculars are often sold at camera shops but also at Kathmandu and Hunting & Fishing shops.

Insulated Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated while driving will help you stay focussed on the road. An insulated water bottle is ideal for keeping your drinks cold. These can be purchased at places such as The Warehouse, Kathmandu or even the supermarket.

Car Steering Wheel Lock

These can be great as a deterrent for would be thieves! These are a strong bar that sits across your steering wheel and you have a key to lock and release this bar as you need to drive your vehicle.
While they will not stop someone from just breaking in to your car it can be enough to put someone off.

USB Car Charger

Perfect for charging up your phone and music player as you drive (or even charge up your camera battery). These car be purchased from electronic shops such as Dick Smith Electronics and Noel Leeming, put check out your local $2 shops as they also usually with stock a range of chargers and cords.

Sun Shades

Fantastic for helping to keep your car cool while you are not in it. You can buy these at places like Repco, The Warehouse and Super Cheap Auto. You will instantly notice the difference of using on (or not) on a hot summer day in New Zealand.

Chilly Bin, Cooler, Esky

Perfect for keeping your food cool, hygienic and accessible. These come in a variety of sizes so you can carry as much or as little as you need. If you invest in a few ice packs as well you can carry milk, meat, butter, yoghurt and other good that need refrigerating for the day. This will save you money buying lunch out at cafes and take away shops. You can buy these from supermarkets, The Warehouse, K-Mart and Briscoes.

Camping Gear

Kathmandu is a great place to check out for any little accessory you could imagine for camping, such as tents, sleeping bags, quick dry clothes, a washing line, portable showers and cookware.


Great for those of you who love to make a cup of tea or soup as a refreshment. They come in a variety of sizes from one cup through to multiple. Fill it up with hot water at a backpackers or camping ground and it will stay hot for much of the day.

Portable Speaker

These allow you to take your music wherever you go and can be a great investment if your car sound system is not of great quality. These speakers connect wirelessly to your phone, tablet or laptop. The beauty of these is that you can park the car up at the side of a lake, the top of a hill, next to a beach and sit outside, have some lunch and listen to your MP3 player.