What will I be covered for in an accident?

Policy Option 1 (Third Party Only) – Accidental damage to property in New Zealand that does not belong to you and/or injury or death of anyone other than you or your family members because of an accident arising out of the use of your vehicle.

Policy Option 2 (Third Party, Fire & Theft) – Accidental damage to property in New Zealand that does not belong to you and/or injury or death of anyone other than you or your family members because of an accident arising out of the use of your vehicle plus accidental damage to your vehicle arising out of fire, theft or illegal conversion.

Find more information about the difference between the two policies here.

Are any legal or medical costs covered?

Because of the Accident Compensation Act, which provides free accidental injury treatment in New Zealand & generally prohibits a person from suing another for personal injury, it is very rare for anyone to be sued in New Zealand for causing injury. If you are held liable for property damage or sued for injuring another person who is not a member of your family the policy will pay third party costs and court ordered compensation if you were at fault, or it will pay to defend you if you were not at fault.

The policy will not pay for the defence of, or fines following, any criminal charges such as dangerous driving which arise out of an accident.

How much do I get if my car is stolen?

The value of a vehicle is “market value” at the time of loss. Market value is determined by the assessor appointed by the Insurance company. The Assessor would usually approach a couple of motor vehicle dealers and ask for an estimate of the vehicle’s value, taking into account the age, condition, mileage of the vehicle, original purchase price etc.
The policy has a maximum market value sum insured of $3,500. This is the maximum you would be paid out if your car was stolen. Keep in mind you are required to pay an excess of NZD$500 on any claim.




Can motorbikes & campervans be covered?

Yes. Campervans can be insured under Options 1 or 2.

Motorbikes can be insured under Option 1 only (Third Party Only).

Will the policy cover damage to my car?

No, third party (also known as liability insurance) doesn’t cover damage to your vehicle. That is called full or comprehensive insurance. We do not offer comprehensive insurance.


Am I covered for glass or windscreen damage or mechanical breakdowns?




Am I able to extend my insurance?

Policies cannot be extended after purchase. We suggest you take out a longer policy if you are unsure of your length of stay. Policies are available for 3, 6, 9 or 12 month periods. The price difference between 3 months and 12 months is not significant. Otherwise you can buy another policy for an extra period of cover when the original policy expires.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my policy early?

Generally no, but if the circumstances are exceptional then it could be considered. Please contact us to discuss.

Is my policy transferable to a new vehicle?

If you buy a new vehicle the policy will automatically transfer to the new vehicle. Please note your policy only covers one vehicle at a time.


How is payment made online?

Payment is made using Paypal. They offer the world’s most used online payment system and have comprehensive buying protection security. We have had a great experience using Paypal and have had no security issues at all. We completely trust and recommend it as a method of payment.


When is the insurance active?

This depends on the date & time that you select when you fill out your details.
Shortly after you have completed the online form and paid for it, then we will email you a document & your cover will commence from the date & time that is stated in your policy certificate document. Your policy will take up to 60 minutes to become active.



Can I drive in New Zealand?

You can drive in New Zealand if you hold a driver’s licence from another country or an international driving permit and:

  • Your overseas licence is current and valid
  • You’ve not received a disqualification or suspension in New Zealand
  • You last entered New Zealand less than 12 months ago
  • Your overseas licence is in English; if it’s not, you must have an accurate translation.

For more information on driving requirements in New Zealand please visit the NZTA website.

Remember your policy does not cover you if:

  • You do not comply with the terms of a valid driver’s licence
  • The driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Your vehicle is used in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition
  • Your vehicle is being used for or tested in preparation for any form of motor sport or used for business or commercial purposes or damage or liability occurs outside of New Zealand
How do I add drivers to my policy?

You are required to declare on the application form the likely drivers of your vehicle and advise of any material facts regarding all drivers’ accident and traffic offence histories.

If you would like to add other drivers to your policy after you have purchased it, you need to ask them about their driving records and disclose to us any material facts regarding their accident and traffic offence histories.

If you wish to discuss this with us you can call our Customer Care consultants on 0800 774 747 and select Option 1.

Who is covered to drive my vehicle?

Any person may drive the vehicle so long as they hold a driver’s licence which is valid in New Zealand and have been given authorisation by the owner of the vehicle.



I have a question about my policy?

You can ring our Customer Care consultants between the hours of 8:30am – 5:00pm (New Zealand time) on 0800 774 747 and select Option 1. If you are calling from outside of New Zealand please call +64 3 3395276.

How do I make a claim on my policy?

If you need to lodge a claim, contact our Customer Care consultants on 0800 774 747 and select Option 2.


Can I sell my policy when I sell my car?

No. The new owner of the vehicle, they would need to take out a policy in their own name.

Can one of my drivers take over my policy?

No. They will need to purchase their own policy in their name.

Do I need to notify you if I buy another vehicle?

No. Your policy automatically covers your new vehicle as long as you are the registered owner of the vehicle.



What is an excess & how much is it?

When you make a claim you pay a small part of the cost. This is called the “excess” and you pay it every time you make a claim. Your excess on any claim is NZD$500.


What do I do if I have an accident?

Regardless of whether or not your caused the accident, write down ALL the details regarding the accident, including the name and contact details of the other party. You could take photos of the accident and you may wish to contact the police if you feel there is a debate over who caused the accident. If there are any independent witnesses get their names and contact details too. Then phone our Customer Care consultants on 0800 774 747 to report the details.





If you need to speak to someone then please call Abby on (+64) 021 444 234.

You can SMS us any questions. Also SMS us if you would like us to phone you back to save you money on the call.

If you already have a policy & have questions or need to make a claim please contact our Customer Consultants on 0800 774 747.