Along with providing information about buying a car in New Zealand, the team here at Travellers Car Insurance wants you to have the best possible experience in New Zealand. Check out our handy packing list.


Plane Tickets

In today’s age it is rare to have printed tickets as opposed to e-tickets. We recommend printing out your e-tickets to present at the counter when you travel, and also for peace of mind to triple check those departure and arrival times in those moments of panic about the departure time the day you are due to fly out.



Take a copy of your travel insurance policy with you and leave a copy with someone at home. It is also handy to have this on your email, to easily access from anywhere.

Print out a copy of your car insurance policy and pop it in your glove box and also keep it in your email inbox. It is also handy to pop the number of the claims department in your mobile phone contacts along with your policy number.


Driver License and International Driver Permit

When driving in New Zealand you will need a current driver license and if your license is not in English we recommend getting an International Driving Permit organised before you arrive here. This should provide a translation in to English so check this before you arrange one.

With smart phones having amazing quality cameras built in to them these days, many travellers are investing in a phone that will act as a device for photos, videos, maps for directions, email, skype. As well as the ability to download apps and search for local information about the town, cities or general areas that are being travelled.

A good digital camera will take photos and videos and could also offer the ability to take photos underwater for those of you who plan to enjoy the beach, lake and river swimming opportunities around the country.


Laptops & Tablets

Unless you plan to be typing a lot, many travellers these days find a small notebook or tablet excellent for their light weight and compactness. It is the kind of item that can easily be carried in a handbag or day pack and for many it will double as a device to take photos or video.


Adaptors & Power Cords

If you are travelling beyond New Zealand to other countries it could be useful to invest in an adaptor that you can use in multiple countries.


Passport & Money

Keep your passport safe by always carrying it with you (we do not recommend ever leaving it in your car when you are not there). A money belt can be very handy for keeping it securely close to you.
Most travellers will carry a credit card and cash. Keep in mind if you are on a working holiday here you will need to open a bank account, and with that you will be issued a cashflow or EFTPOS card that will allow you to quickly and easily make payments.
In case you credit card should get lost, stolen or swallowed up by an ATM machine, keep the phone number of your bank in a handy place (maybe email it to yourself and save it in your phone contacts) so that you can quickly cancel it and order a new one if necessary.



Most travellers these days would not be without their IPOD or MP3 player which can be enjoyed while driving in New Zealand, sitting on a bus or walking the streets of a new town or city you are exploring. Think of investing in a portable speaker to enjoy your music with better quality sound.


Alarm clock

Every phone these days will have an inbuilt alarm, but if you are a traveller who will have regular ‘deadlines’ to get out of bed for then for your peace of mind you may want to invest in another alarm so you can double up on them.



You will regularly use a torch if you are camping, sharing a dorm room in a backpackers, looking for something in your car at 10pm or walking to the long drop toilet if you are staying in a hut on a hiking adventure in New Zealand.


First Aid Kit

This is great to prepare before you arrive in New Zealand when you are familiar with the creams, lotions and potions offered in your home country. We recommend that your first aid kit include: any prescription medicine you take, tweezers, scissors, insect repellent, cream for mosquito and other bug bites, pain killers such as paracetomol or aspirin, car or motion sickness pills, sunburn cream and an array of plasters and bandages.


Sunglasses & Prescription Glasses

In the bright sunshine of a New Zealand summer, sunglasses are an essential item. If you are investing in prescription sunglasses for your trip, we recommend paying the extra money for polarised lenses which provides excellent clarity when driving and also when looking at water.
It is well worthwhile carrying a prescription for your glasses so that you can quickly and easily arrange any replacement glasses that you might need if you break or lose your glasses. It is also worth having this prescription scanned and emailed to yourself so that you can easily access it or email it to an optometrist.