When it comes to insurance, we like to think of ourselves as Problem Solvers for Travellers.

Too often travellers are ringing around the big, well known, insurance companies, only to be told that they do not offer car insurance to travellers.

The reasons are many and varied and quite frankly are a pain in the butt when you are trying to get covered to drive. 

Let’s look at common roadblocks that come up and how we are different to other companies.

Problem: Many companies will not cover you if you are not a New Zealand resident.

We’ve got you covered:  Our insurance is only for travellers, in fact if you are a New Zealand resident you cannot buy our insurance.

Problem: Some insurance companies ask you to update you every time you change your address, and they will adjust the amount of insurance premiums (the money you pay for insurance) depending on where in the country you are and whether you are parked in a driveway, garage or on the side of the road.

We’ve got you covered!: We do not even ask you for an address. We know that you will be moving around the country frequently.

Problem: Some insurance companies do not offer insurance if you have a bed in the back of your vehicle unless it is certified as being fully self contained. Other companies will not cover any vehicle if you are planning on sleeping in it.

We’ve got you covered!: Hundreds of vehicles we insure have a built-in bed in the back. Our insurance was designed with this kind of vehicle in mind.

Problem: I am worried about communicating with people who do not understand me

We’ve got you covered!: Our claims team are based in Auckland, not in a call centre part way around the world. They are used to communicating with people who might speak English as a Second Language. They will email you a form that you can fill out online and return to them, so your claims process can start quickly.

Problem: I am going to get charged a higher excess more because I have an international driver license (in other words a driver license from another country)

We’ve got you covered!: We do not charge more because you have an international driver license. Our excess is a flat $500 for anyone driving your vehicle that causes an accident.

Problem: I have to get a 12 month policy, even though I am only in New Zealand for 3 months. 

We’ve got you covered!: We offer policies in 3, 6, 9 and 12 month timeframes. This is perfect for short-term holidaymakers as well as students and working holidaymakers.

Problem: Some companies make you ring and add extra drivers to your policy. If you do not do this and they cause an accident, you can be penalised up to…

With our policy you can have anyone drive your vehicle, you just need to check they have a valid driver license and adhere to the terms and conditions of your policy.

Problem: I have bought a car on a Sunday morning and need coverage immediately.

We’ve got you covered!: Our policies are only sold online, that means you can get covered 24/7.

Problem: I am new to New Zealand. How do I know this insurance is legit?

We’ve got you covered!: Thousands of travellers purchase this insurance policy each year. It is underwritten by a company called QBE. They are one of the world’s top 25 global insurers which means you can have total confidence in what you are buying.

Problem: I am on a tight budget and am thinking it might be better to not buy insurance at all.

We’ve got you covered!: Last year, one accident caused by a traveller caused over $250,000 worth of damage to other vehicles and properties. It is a big risk to take for the sake of a couple hundred dollars. If you do buy insurance and do not need to make a claim, then we would bet you have had a wonderful experience driving around New Zealand and won’t resent paying for the peace of mind that insurance brings.